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…She’s back! (Part Zwei – 2 of 4)

Lunch was fabulous. I mean, why wouldn’t it be when you’re with Jeff Sean?

Picking up where I left off…

New Hampshire: June 21. A whirlwind family and old friend chronicle unravels. Straight away I get to spend two incredible days with my best friend Carolyn who rove all the way from western MA to spend some rainy NH days together catching up and laughing our butts off. Lots of the usual scheming to take over the world, and even some wedding planning too. Speaking of ‘butts off,’ Mom also managed to schedule me in for some team training with her and her awesome personal trainer at the Works in Somersworth and we worked our, you guessed it, butts off. Next up, “a vedding!” Saturday we drove up to Portland, Maine for the gorgeous ceremony and kick-ass reception of my cousin Jeff and his stunning bride Jess. After dancing like mad fools with the Kennedy clan, Mom, Dad and I set off in search of preventative measures in the form of late night pizza. Jeff sent us to Bill’s on Commercial Street and we couldn’t have been happier. Just what the doc ordered! Note: Don’t try to break open a giant chocolate ball with a steak knife. *This went in here so I don’t forget that hilarious episode with Mom and Dad. We stayed the night in the almost certainly haunted (I’ll have to do some research on that) Eastland Park Hotel. My favorite part was the original lift buttons next to the elevators that are no longer functioning. We inadvertently made a gentleman feel very silly who’d been standing there for 5 minutes repeatedly pushing the old buttons to no avail. Oops!

No rest for the weary; we bid farewell to Portland and headed home, only to pack another bag and head up to Lake Winni with the redneck yacht club.  And the trip marches on… that night I headed south solo to Boston to meet up with DRiley32 to rehash life, Leroy Jenkins and HP^7.2. Monday I reunited with Elle, Erika and baby Ella at Simmons College, had a yummy lunch at Chipotle and then drove to Scituate to have more playtime with the baby genius. Couldn’t stay too long though, I had to be at Logan Airport at 5 to pick up two very special deliveries. I had one more hug to get before heading to Logan however. A stop in to see B-rent and explore his east coast digs, with just enough time to share a freeze pop, was so good for my soul. We miss you out here Brenty, just in case you haven’t heard us for the past 754,678,946,409th times. Deep breath, time to battle traffic into Logan. About .25 miles from the exit I’m fairly sure my charges flew overhead in that bright red and white Virgin Atlantic awesomeness and I raced to the gate. After an hour driving around Terminal E because of some cross-communication and lack of cell phoneage,  I FINALLY get my Laura and Gary hugs! Booshas unite! Then it’s back in the car to go meet the parents at the Lazy Lion in Deerfield, NH for dinner. Are you exhausted just reading all this yet? Quick break for this girl before I launch into the week leading up to 4th of July. If you think things relax a bit, FAT CHANCE. We’ve only just begun.

…and BAM! She’s back! (Part Eins – 1 of 4)

Some you may have noticed I fell off the grid for a bit. Well, I was writing all along but without the ability to post for a myriad of reasons. Here’s the rundown of where I’ve been, a collection of miles, mishaps and memories.  I will follow this post with a series of posts from home, Austria and the in-between. For now though, let’s get you up to speed with the most recent itinerary of adventures.

June 13th- Departed Honolulu for Las Vegas. Had an absolute ball working at the International Licensing Convention as a spokesperson for the amazing company PanAm Brands. Yes, it’s true, PanAm Airlines no longer flies commercial, but the original company still thrives in a multitude of ways: including the production and marketing of an awesome line of designer luggage, handbags and fabulous accessories. The clever crew at PanAm knew how to make a real impact in a sea of 18,000 attendees: they commissioned the production of three authentic PanAm flight attendant uniforms and outfitted Emily, Carly and myself to not only talk about the brand, but to be the brand. I’m not sure if I’ve ever had as many pictures taken of me before this event.  The responses from people who approached us with an almost fanciful nostalgic look on their faces was worth every blister from the horrific shoe incidences. Everyone we met had a history or a moment with PanAm; whether it was their first time on a plane, a frequent route they flew, the first time they got their wings, their adoration of the elite flight crews, and more. I’ll share some of their stories in a separate post. But, like my trip, we’ve got to move on quick!

June 17th- Shift gears in Vegas completely. The PanAm Brands crew made their way home and I remained, with Mom #1 and Mom #2 as my partners in crime. We stayed for a few more days in order to attend the Miss USA pageant at the Planet Hollywood Resort and Casino with the intent to scream our faces off in support of the radiant and wonderful Lacy Jane Folger, Miss NH USA 2011. This girl and I have history, and I mean HISTORY. We have been friends for nearly 23 years! Wow, I think that’s the first time I’ve written that down and suddenly I feel older than I did two seconds ago… interesting… but I digress. Lacy Jane has always been one of most favorite people in the world, a fun-loving, great friend who never lost touch with her values and has been a role model for others to follow since the tender age of 5. (Probably even earlier, but I met her at 5 when she first started volunteering with the service projects my sister and I created oh-so-many-years-ago). The fact she made it all the way to the grand stage in Vegas and represented our humble state in a way that brings tears of pride to my eyes was a surreal time-lapse moment for me. I kept flashing between her performance at the little stage at the Lilac Mall and then the Rochester Opera House and then Hampton Beach and then Vegas… Lacy, you did it! I lost my voice in all the revelry but was so lucky she didn’t win… it meant we got to have the best dinner ever at the Sugar Factory after the show. 🙂 So happy you managed not to get hit by flying chairs backstage… phew! Pageant girls are crazy. Good thing we stayed on the fringe all these years and only go crazy for shoes and rhinestones. Love you Lace, you’re a rockstar!

Departed Vegas on June 21, New Hampshire bound. Next post coming soon, but I’m off to lunch with the fabulous Jeff Sean!

Blogging live from 30,000 feet

This is it! My first post written and published in the skies, 30,000 feet above green patches and city squares (looks like I’m right above St. Louis as I type), all aboard a Southwest flight equipped as a WiFi hotspot. For $5 I have been surfing the net from Phoenix all the way through to Boston, and it has been a provocative experience. When the crew announced we were a WiFi hotspot I was both ecstatic and conflicted. How I love my in-flight rituals! I’ve gotten skilled at taking a certain percentage of the flight to write, devoting another time period to reading, then busting out some tunes to prepare me for acclimation back into the social grid. Throwing the opportunity to access the internet at me was a conflict of consternation and curiosity. Here’s an oppportunity to get blogging about flying from a place I never thought I’d get to: ON a plane! But then, when will I justify finishing Pirate Latitudes by Michael Crichton if not on a plane?

Welp, in the end, I fit it all in. I just had to overlap my tunes while I type and save my mental revisit and review of the conclusion of Pirate Latitudes for later.

Have any of you been WiFi-ed in the air yet? I’d love to hear your thoughts. I’m feeling a bit philosophical about it; I suppose later I can blame it on the altitude. Yet, in this moment, I’m blown away by how quickly technology has evolved to keep us always connected, and it seems the limitations of total network immersion grow fainter and fainter. I’m excited by this idea, yet humbled. I like the idea of being able to ‘unplug’ and be ‘unreachable.’ I think it’s healthy. We’re so innundated by the need to be up-to-the-minute-up-to-date that we’re becoming programmed into automatically updating our statuses and photos as if it’s how we’ve always operated. I’m working hard to adjust to this transition; but I struggle with the narcissism that haunts me as I post to this very blog via my cell phone or comment on a friend’s tweet she posted 15 seconds ago. I feel I’m developing a complex and learning how to socalize in this way has been like going back to school. It’s the new school for the old school.  I’m seeking a balance between the A-D-D actions of tweeting-facebooking-blogging and the art of socializing with 3-dimentional people. It can be madding, trying to stay dedicated to the full-time job of building a online identity, while trying not scuttle the ship, lose my sanity and abdandon the whole thing. I suppose the best way to start was to embrace being online on an airline… and then tell the world about it. And thus I carry on…

Theme Song #1

Here’s what I’m jammin’ out to while blogging today. Thank you Enjoy!

Spotlight by Patrick Stump

“‘Cause they might, they might, try to tell you how you can live your life
But don’t, don’t forget it’s your right to do whatever you like, you like
‘Cause you could be your own spot light,
You could be your own spotlight,
You could be your own spotlight, you could be the star, you can shine so bright,
You could be your own, cause they’re gonna tell you all the rules to break
To take away that light, somebody, somebody now
You could be your own spotlight!”