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Thanks Goodreads.com!

If you love to read, Goodreads.com and their subsequent App will be a remarkable discovery. It is an incredible tool to sort your literary chaos. You can sort books into categories of your choosing, rate and rank and recommend. Use the scan feature on the App on your smart phone to instantly add books to your virtual library. Anytime a book is recommended to me, or I discover something I desire to read (usually while listening to NPR), it goes right onto my To-Read “shelf.”

I enjoy using the site to connect with friends and send my recommendations to them after I’ve finished something I really liked and know they will enjoy. And then there’s the reading challenge. At the start of 2014 I committed to read 60 books in the course of the year, and Goodreads tracks my progress. It even gives me updates on my progress and lets me know if I am on schedule to finish before the end of the year. After hitting 60 last year, I’m bumping it up for 80 this year. Thank goodness for the library (because buying 80 books in the year would get expensive and my husband my kill me for adding 80 books to our already-crammed shelves, and for Goodreads in helping me achieve this feat!