Krems, Austria – 15 Photos to Take You There

One of the most surprising and breathtaking towns to stumble upon, Krems an der Donau is a hidden gem in Lower Austria, bordering the Danube and comprising the eastern part of the Wachau Valley.

A departure point for riverboat cruises of the Wachau region; Krems harbors many wonders that emerge with a mix of adventurous wandering and a healthy dose of curiosity. The following fifteen photos toss you into the magic and mystery of Krems and will spur a desire to personally explore one of Austria’s oldest treasures.


Laura gets us to Krems!

Colorful houses adorned with beautiful flowers. It must be summer in Austria.

The winding and narrow streets of Krems

Cobblestones and gorgeous facades

Strolling through the streets in awe

A tower to climb to, with a view

Made it to the tower, but still feeling small

Hallowed grounds

Hauntingly beautiful

Window to the world

Let no home be not beautiful

Oops, I shot the photographer!


A street? Or a driveway? How about both.

Krems an der Donau